Joy Gaertner founded Walking With Joy to transform pain into peace. She has been involved with ministry roles since 1974, but in 2005 she decided to focus specifically on trauma-related recovery.

She has received awards from the Knoxville Urban League and won the Paradigm Challenge. She was also accepted to the Consortium for Social Enterprise Effectiveness at the University of Tennessee.

Joy has received certifications from The Grief Recovery Institute, Love Thinks, LLC, and Darkness to Light (End Child Sexual Abuse) Organization.

Joy Gaertner Headshot

Joy's Story

While I have always worked in ministry positions, it wasn’t until a few years ago that I really understood the full importance of what I do. I experienced a devastating divorce that robbed me of my home and the family lifestyle that I had loved. Going through the divorce was a heartbreaking experience, and the ways that I comforted myself manifested into cancer, nearly costing me my life.

By utilizing the same Grief Recovery Method that I now teach to others, I was able to emerge as a more confident, happier woman who looks forward to each day. I know what it is to walk in the dark - and now I walk with joy!

I founded this organization to help people just like you, going through difficult times and in need of a reminder that life can be joyful again. If you’re ready to walk with me, I’m ready to talk with you!

Joy Gaertner