Are you the Mom You Want to Be?

“I sound just like my mother!”

Raise your hand if you’ve thought that before.

This might be especially true for you if you’re a mom, as your belief system is shaped by the people that raised you much more than any parenting book.

Sometimes sounding just like your mom is a great thing like when you tell a great “mom joke”, instill your values and morals, or pass along family traditions. Other times… not so much.

Are you reactionary, snapping at your kids anytime you are frustrated?

  • Do you expect your son or daughter to be responsible for your feelings by saying things like, “When you do ______ it makes me so mad!”?
  • Do you hide your feelings when you’re sad because you think you need to be strong for your kids?
  • Are you overly protective, overbearing, or too lenient?

Are there some things you are carrying around with you that you don’t want to pass along to your kids?

You see, most of us have never stopped to think about WHY we behave how we do or where our beliefs come from. Or we might know where they came from, but think we are stuck with them.

Good news, if there is something that isn’t serving you, or your kids, you don’t have to keep it in your belief system.

It’s not easy to change that’s for sure. The first step is realizing that there is a problem or that you want to be a better mom. The second step is having just 1% of willingness to make a change. Next comes time to look at where your beliefs come from. That’s where The Grief Recovery Method can help. The Method will help you discover and uncover where your belief systems come from and give you step-by-step instructions on how to get complete with your past.                            — Allison James