Organizations can use a Walking with Joy speaking engagement to evaluate how the Grief Recovery Program would be received within their own setting.  A Walking with Joy speaking engagement allows leaders to evaluate whether to offer the Grief Recovery Program within their own community.

In the corporate setting, managers become more aware of individual grief within their ranks and how it impacts the organization. Managers may come to an understanding of how Grief Recovery can help restore employees to higher levels of productivity.

Speaking Titles

  • Fabulously Flawed. No matter our gender, many of us experience difficulty looking into a mirror or our hearts and really like what we see.  Joy invites you on a journey to discover that you are good and loveable no matter what you have done or what has been done to you! 
  • A Pathway to Peace. Let go of stress and make the present so beautiful you will want to remember it.
  • Alone, not Lonely. Whether married or single, male or female, most of us experience loneliness. This talk helps us find comfort and personal growth in times when we are alone.
  • An Attitude of Gratitude. It is not joy that makes me grateful, it is gratefulness that makes me joyful
  • Communication Matters. Mean what you say, and say what you mean
  • Do you love me? Daily practices for the 5 Love Languages
  • The Marble Jar. Building trust.
  • Breath Easy. Explore several stress practices to remove stress from your day.
  • Organize Your Day. Filling your day with fulfilling activities is as easy as 1-2-3.


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