Unanswerable Questions…healing comes in small moments – July 26


I had to struggle alone, and all I knew was that Father’s death caused me to ask questions for which I could find no answer, and I was living in a world which believed that all questions are answerable.  I, too, believe that all questions are answerable, but not in scienfic terms or in the language of provable fact.

–Madelene L’Engle

We will be like cats chasing our tails if we expect to answer with rational answers all the questions death rings to us.

Well, where ARE the answers, if not in fact?

Maybe in a sudden sense of peace on a troubled afternoon.

Or in an unexpected visit and a warm hug from a friend who says, “I was nearby and I just wondered how you’re doing.”

Maybe in the rustle of trees on an otherwise still afternoon.

Or in a story told of a near-death experience that transforms a person’s life.

Or in some words in a book that seem meant just for you.

My spirit pics up clues my mind might pass right be.


–from Healing After Loss by Martha W. Hickman