The Loss & Grief Recovery Small Group Workshops

  1. Our Grief Support Groups provide a safe environment for you to look at your old beliefs about dealing with loss, which losses have affected your life, and take actions that will lead you to complete unresolved emotions that may still be causing you pain.
  2. It’s an action-based group that involves reading and writing assignments outlined in The Grief Recovery Handbook – 20th Anniversary Expanded Edition.
  3. It’s not a drop in group.You are asked to make a commitment to attend all of the sessions. This group needs to be your priority unless an unexpected emergency arises.

Each Grief Support Group is facilitated by one of our Certified Grief Recovery Specialists. Specialists come from all walks of life and professional backgrounds, but have one thing in common: a desire to help people.


Learn more about the specific workshops we offer below.

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Unstuck: Making Peace with Your Past

Did a death, divorce or the end of a romantic relationship break your heart?  Or was it because of any of the forty other losses that a person might experience such as moving, a change in your health, pet loss or a change in finances?  Regardless of the cause, you know how you feel and it probably isn’t good.  We aren’t going to tell you, “We know how you feel,” because we don’t.  Neither does anyone else.  What we will do is provide you a safe environment where you will discover a simple action plan to move beyond the pain and help you recover from loss and ultimately lead a happier life.


HOPE Grief Recovery 

Hope is a Grief Recovery workshop using The Grief Recovery Method, specifically geared to those who are experiencing a loss due to a drug-related death. While attitudes have changed, many are still hesitant to share with others that their loved one died a drug-related death. The fear of questions and comments cause grievers to suppress their emotions. This inability to comfortably share with others the emotional pain they carry further complicates the grieving process.

Helping Children Grieve

To watch a child grieve and not know what to do is a profoundly difficult experience for parents, teachers, and caregivers. Yet, there are guidelines for helping children develop a lifelong healthy response to loss.

In the book When Children Grieve, the authors offer a cutting-edge volume to free children from the false idea of “not feeling bad” and to empower them with positive, effective methods of dealing with loss.

There are many life experiences that can produce feelings of grief in a child, from the death of a relative or a divorce in the family to more everyday experiences such as moving to a new neighborhood or losing a prized possession. No matter the reason or degree of severity, if a child you love is grieving, the guidelines examined in this thoughtful workshop can make a difference.  This is a 4-week, 2 hour format.  You can attend in person, schedule an online or 1-on-1 session to help equip your child to face the disappointments of life.

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Pet Loss

Your relationship with your pet is special—it’s a bond that is very different than those that human beings share with each other. When a beloved pet passes away, people often resort to incorrect mechanisms to deal with the grief, such as trying to move too quickly past the loss (dismissing the real impact), or even attempting to replace the pet immediately. However, these are merely two myths out of six that the authors discuss and dismantle in The Grief Recovery Handbook for Pet Loss. Based on the authors’ Grief Recovery Method®, this workshop addresses how losing a pet is different from losing a human loved one, and ultimately, how to move on with life.  This is a 4-week, 2 hour format.  You can attend in person or schedule 1-on-1 sessions to find healing and freedom of the pain.

Recover Your Relationships:  How to Avoid Falling for a Jerk/ette

Discover practical, easy-to-understand practices that will help grow your relationships in healthy ways, so as to avoid unhealthy over attachments. You will receive a structure for growing and pacing your relationships.

If you’ve noticed a pattern in your own relationships – a pattern you want to break, and you’re asking yourself this:  I know what I want, so what am I doing wrong.

Then this is a workshop you can’t afford to miss!  Your “happily ever after” depends on it.

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Darkness to Light: Stewards of Children

This is a 2-hour, video-based training program that teaches adults how to prevent, recognize, and react responsibly to child sexual abuse.  The program is designed for organizations that serve youth and for individuals concerned about the safety of children.  It is the only nationally distributed, evidence based program proven to increase knowledge, improve attitudes, and change child protective behaviors.

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